“I want to create images that stop you in your tracks. That give you pause for thought, that make you smile with joy. I want to create dramatic, meaningful, iconic portraits that will last longer and mean more than just another snapshot in today’s image driven world.”
~ Chad Dennis            

Chad Dennis is an editorial and commercial portrait photographer based out of Atlantic Beach, FL. Chad works with his clients to create dramatic, iconic and purposeful work to tell their stories in the best light possible. Over the course of his career, he has worked with clients like the United Nations, the NFL and NFL Network, Revlon, Toyota and the World Golf Hall of Fame.

When Chad isn’t working with his clients, he can be found working on personal projects that are near and dear to his heart. His first gallery show was called the 100 Portrait Project and featured 100+ portraits and stories of people who have suffered with some form of mental illness, or have had loved ones that suffered from mental illness. This project proved to be a great start in tearing down the stigma associated with mental health issues. The exhibit was proof that you are not alone, even when your dark, is the darkest dark.

This year marks the second year for the Salty Dog Portrait Series, which has become a lifelong art project to document the bond between surfers and the sea, as well as to capture the unique and diverse culture of wave riders on the east coast. Last years exhibition represented 4,714 years of surfing right here on the First Coast.

The Salty Pups are Chad’s newest addition to his gallery exhibits. He loves working with children and capturing the joy, innocence, and purity that these kids have on their face at the very beginning of their relationship with the ocean. This addition to the Salty Series has brought him great joy over the course of the summer of 2017 and will be an ongoing endeavor during the summer months in the future.